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Our flag always flies at Lionel City Station!

MichRR714 Charlie, thank you for saying Independence Day, and not "4th of July." After all, that's the name of the holiday. A few years ago, I heard a now-retired talk-radio personality talk about this very subject, and ever since then, I have done my very best to call the upcoming holiday by its name: Independence Day. You'd be surprised how many strange looks I get when I call it that.

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Some prewar American Flyer patriotic themed items. 

What is better than Old Glory?

Two Old Glory flagpoles

The one on the left features an original Flyer post, flag, and eagle, but sadly the original base deteriorated through zinc pest and has been replaced with an MTH base.

Who better to represent Independence Day and American Patriotism, Uncle Sam of course.  Here he is featured on a bicycle toy that was marketed by American Flyer c. 1915-1916

American Flyer used patriotic themes in many of their marketing, set names, and car names.  Here are a sampling of them, starting with a c. 1908 set box

Next up, some late 1920s passenger cars

One of my favorites, is the American Flyer 100 station c. 1921-1924 which featured a US Navy recruiting poster in the lithograph.  As a US Navy veteran, I really like this image.

Here is a closeup of the poster.

Happy Independence Day!


I posted this last year and I was hoping to have the rest of the cars this year, but life got in the way.  Maybe next year my American Freedom Train will be complete.

The MTH 4449 and MTH GP40 barely get this train moving, even after oiling all wheels.  The GS4 needs to be on straight track.

I have the dummy GP40 that matches this WP powered one, so I need to buy another MTH GP40 and swap shells to have two helpers.  This is actually prototypical as the WP, as well as other roads, did have two helpers* with the train although most movements just had one.

*The GS4 rarely needed helpers for this 26-car train.  They were there mainly as advertisement for the railroad.


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Part of a local very short-line railroad.  Would've made a neat model...especially the original (top photo) scheme.  Tough graphics to replicate, though.  Just what is needed to pull Lionel's Buick-logo boxcar!  Buick City...Flint, Michigan...all gone.

Ah, well, glad to have been around to see them in all their patriotic glory!


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