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4-4-0 American type locomotives, a.k.a. Generals are a favorite of mine, especially those of the W&ARR.  Here are a couple of shots of the scale SMR General (as it looked at the time of Andrews Raid) next to the 1970's Lionel version (as the General looks after its last re-build) that I did as a size comparison several years ago.




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Upgrading a Cheap General 4-4-0, 8005 dc powered engine

A cheap Lionel General 4-4-0, the 8005 , with dc power ,coal tender and Lionel 9541 Santa Fe Railway Agency Express Passenger car were obtained at a local train show a few years ago.  I added a full wave rectifier and changed the Lionel 8005 to ac operation although only in one direction.  A selector switch was added for manual reversal.  The engine was dressed up with gold stripping, a lighted head light and painting all red engine black for the boiler and stack.

A fuzzy picture of Lionel 8005 before painting and dressing up! Ponc. Train show & stuff 3-5-2016 038

The Lionel 8005 was painted, along with the red and silver front wheels and painted domes.  The body and stack were painted Black.  Gold stripping was added to dress up.  Much more beautiful ! Train -General 4-1-2016 005

Now that I have two Lionel General 4-4-0 locos I can simulate The Great Locomotive Chase of the Civil War between the General and the Texas.  The Disney movie “The Great Locomotive Chase” is a good train movie to watch and the kids will enjoy it too.

Train -General 4-1-2016 003



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  • Train -General 4-1-2016 005
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  • Train -General 4-1-2016 003
  • Ponc. Train show & stuff 3-5-2016 038
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For those who have never seen this, here's a link to a very informative discussion of the various Lionel Generals and Sets. This is from the Trainz web site.

I've used it several times in doing research when looking to buy some of the Generals and associated rolling stock.

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Here are my three lionel Generals, 1862, Rock Island and Virginia and Truckee.

IMG_20210618_081053IMG_20210618_081113IMG_20210618_081911IMG_20210618_083037IMG_20210618_083454IMG_20210618_083507IMG_20210618_083515IMG_20210618_083522I was 10 years old in 1959 and wanted the 1862, it took me 60 years to get one.

The Rock Island served the town where I grew up, and I now live within 10 mins of

the V&T east depot. There is also the restored V&T Inyo engine and tender that runs on weekends

at the Nevada State Railroad Museum. I am so close I can hear the whistle and smell the

smoke from my house.


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