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This might be cheating since these are not up yet, but they will be added to my layout's buildings soon.


When I was flying special ops night training missions several times a week, I became addicted to coffee.  I like to think I cleaned myself up, but I still like that morning cup.

Ron, I'm not seeing these. Instead I'm getting the "image not found" message. Are they some of Miller's various "neon" billboards featuring coffee?

Here's my dual-purpose movie screen (actually a small Android tablet on a scratch-built stand) in action in the park, which displays a slideshow of billboards between movie features, or in the alternative trailers for coming attractions (currently, "The Blob" and "The Sound of Music" -- how's *that* for a double feature!):

[BTW, to make the video shorter, I set the slideshow to change billboards every three seconds, but normally they each are up for ten seconds or longer. Or, I can run video trailers for upcoming movies.]

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@Arnold D. Cribari, thank you for your kind words and seeing my Eye Candy around my train room. When attending one of the York meets, I saw these billboard signs or metal art signs and thought they would be neat placed around my layout. So, I first placed them on the wall behind the front part of my layout, just to see what the Wife might say? She actually surprised me by liking the signs, so, I bought more metal signs, and so far, she’s very happy. If she had said No, I would have taken them down. Many folks have been over to my home to visit, and some of my friends wives may not agree, but no one’s said a word to me. @Coach Joe, thank you for the kind words to, it’s just more fun when others enjoy the art too. Happy Railroading Everyone 0AE9CAB3-30FD-402E-B083-B5E4FF218356


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Well yesterday I posted some Marx bill boards that I have never taken out of the package, so today I thought I would post some of the signs I have on the layout.  @leapinlarry   - Super signs Larry, love the ladies for sure.  @POTRZBE - I agree! Loved those "South of the Boarder" signs when driving with the family in the 50s' before the interstates.

Here is one I made from a wooden sign support.  The billboard picture comes from the LCCA which provided them when you renewed your membership- on the roof of the Lionel 115 depot.

Bill Board on top of 115 Depot

This is the sign array on top of the leading industry on my pike.  I especially liked the Navy sign with its message..."Stay in School" - always thought that was socially responsible

Bill Boards on top of General Door & Sash

Best wishes everyone.



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  • Bill Board on top of 115 Depot
  • Bill Boards on top of General Door & Sash

I'm late to the party, but here are a couple of billboards that I made from the Transcontinental Railroad stamps issued by the U.S. Postal Service in 2019 to mark the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike Ceremony. One of the billboards features the three stamps. The other features the decorative element that bordered the actual stamps on the sheet.



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