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One of these days will get around to blocking and chaining it down per Mil Specs.  Guess am waiting until get the Paladin (M109) assembled and painted for a related load.



Im hoping to make a custom flatcar with a custom tank in the future too. I have glimmers of hope now that the 50' Sherman Flatcars have been announced.

...although the Shermans I want to add to the flatcars are a bit different than normal.

90 MilFuriousSaunders

The tracks ahead are rough, but I can still see a bright future for the hobby of model railroading. We've just got to show our youth that the hobby of railroading is just as fun as any video game.


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Transformer loads, on depressed center flat cars, headed for the local power plant. IMG_1768IMG_1759IMG_1766IMG_1771

Cheers and Happy Railroading,

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Ertl Case and IH tractors on 50ft flats loaded and chocked for maximum qty.

Bachmann On30 ET&WNC ten wheeler loaded and blocked just like when #12 was shipped to Harrisonburg VA in the mid 1950's.

A little cheat as a gon instead of a flat.  Based on an actual N&W prototype.  Pola gon cut down to 30 inch high sides with Weaver trucks.

Northwest drag line with magnet instead of bucket on a modified Weaver pig flat painted in MoW colors.



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