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These were fairly simple to put together.  I was a bit impatient, so I used CA glue for fast dry time.

I did spray some gray primer prior to painting, but the wood still sucked up the paint on the edges leaving for uneven colors.  But I gather that exists in the prototype as well. 

I thought the brown I used on the benches came out better than the hot colors I used for the chairs.

Thank you for the free gift Doug .  I hope to review your other items for sale to see what I might be able to use next.

Here are the Benches and Chairs before paint.  They could be used as is.

Mrs. Jones enjoys her new Amish made adirondack chairs as her daughter Suzie greets the neighbors.

Jim and Deloris enjoy their new hardwood bench in the bright and warm sun as their son Jimmy Jr. chops wood in preparation for a long cold winter.  Jimmy's wife collects the sunflower seeds.


Engineer Bob sits a spell on a new bench outside the roundhouse as he explains the finer points of the SD-70ACe to a railfan, who was amazingly allowed to enter the property by the NS police.

Pete sits outside Jahn's Ice Cream reminiscing of the days when he had a Camaro just like the one getting the ticket.  Officer James regrets getting out of the car to get a Hot Dog with extra mustard.  Another uniform off to the cleaners.

Lastly, Becky also enjoys her new Amish adirondack chairs (especially the one that matches her dress) while Ed fixes that broken floorboard yet again.

Thanks again to Doug Pitney at Todd architectural models & layouts.



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