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      Great video, my military train is WW II based but I do like the modern military equipment. One minor suggestion load all of your vehicles in one direction. When loading vehicles a ramp is placed at the end of the train and the vehicles drive on from rear to the front car. All drive on in forward none back on. Each car is filled until all are loaded.


Thanks for sharing that knowledge on direction and the complements, glade you enjoyed as well

Well, not exactly a "Car Load" but here is one that has its roots in actual prototype.  In the late 60's at the height of the cold war, the Air Force got this idea to reduce the vulnerability of our missile defense to (presumably at that time) Soviet attack.  The idea was that we would put ICBM's on freight trains and move them around the country, never staying in one place too long.  This would make them very hard to target.  If the signal was given (when I was in the AF we used to say..."If the balloon goes up") the train would stop and an attached command car would launch the missile from the missile carrying car.  When I was at Wright Patterson AFB in about 1969 or so, we actually had at least one of the prototype cars on base.  It was stored on an unused siding behind some hangers.  I presume it had no rocket in it, just the car.  This one was Lionel's attempt to duplicate that system.  OBTW I never really followed the actual car but I know that by the 1980's the car was gone, likely scrapped and the idea was cancelled.

Lionel 8300 missile train launcher

Best wishes



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  • Lionel 8300 missile train launcher

I model narrow gauge and they didn't ship too many military vehicles like that, other than maybe the White Pass and Yukon during the big one. I do have one MB/GPW Jeep on a flatcar, but it's not chained correctly yet.

But, I have my share of (all 1:43 scale) WW2 vehicles, each marked correctly for stateside commands during my layout era of 1943.



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Just an FYI, I got some photos of real Army rolling stock at the Transportation Corps Museum at Ft Eustis a few years ago. They can be seen by clicking here and scrolling around. I tried posting the individual shots here but the forum wouldn't let me.

Sadly, the museum didn't configure any of these cars for loads. A CCKW atop that European flatcar would have looked great.

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Thats a great model, but I'd think a DD Sherman tank wouldn't clear a tunnel or bridge with the wading skirts upright.

I know they wouldn't deal with being on a train at anything more than yard speeds like that. On a train, it'd look like this:


Hey Lee,

Thanks for the response, and I couldn't agree more. Gaso.line made the skirt kit, but they're unfortunately discontinued, and almost impossible to find.  When I saw the DD Sherman, it was too cool to pass up!


Greg P

A couple of recent endeavors to float this thread again:

Stripped, repainted, decaled, detail painted, and lightly weathered Solido M3 on 40' B&A flat (AHM)


(same as above) Solido DUKW on NYC 40' flat (AHM)


TRUE, neither of these is 1/48 (they are 1/50), but I don't think anybody will notice the difference and I can't justify the expense of a 3D print model (M3), and there isn't one available to my knowledge in 1/48 (DUKW).  Oh well, the sacrifices we make...


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