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Well day one was amazing! I left with a vehicle loaded! Couldn’t even see out the rear view mirror! I sure did exceed my budget but some deals simple couldn’t get set back down. I was able to negotiate all my prices down from sticker price, even at METCA using the Chris’s Trains and Things discount.

No photos of my haul yet, tomorrow will probably be my posting day.

I’ll be York bound in roughly 2 hours for round two! Hope everyone is having a fantastic time at York! Safe travels!

Share you York buys please! It helps me justify my purchases LoL

Well, I came loaded for bear this time around, aaaand...came away with some stuff after not really spending anything Thursday:

I had a couple of K-Line pieces on my radar after seeing them at Grzyboski's in Orange hall. One of them came with me since the other (a NS coil-steel car) sold about 20 minutes before I arrived Friday morning, That one being, the K6244-8012 Alcoa aluminum ACF hopper:


Further on in the day, a second look at a member table in Blue hall netted me this tanker, the K6341-1053 Santa Fe with yellow band. This was part of a four-car set mentioned in my "tankerpalooza" post. While I did see a complete four-car set in Red White hall, the seller wasn't willing to split the set. When I first passed the blue-hall table (I was looking for K-Line boxes with the "Aluminum" designation) I saw the white-striped version lying face-up. Upon further inspection of this display the second time around, I noticed another ATSF tanker higher up in the display, and a look at the box end revealed it to be one of the two I didn't have. Once the seller opened the box to verify, I was like "Sold" and added this one to my purchases:


Lastly is the biggie. I was hoping to find a PS2 or 3 N&W Class 'A'. What I found was a Proto-1 Class A, whose price kept getting better the longer I conversed with the seller. Upon my return to the table awhile later, he related to me that he really wanted to unload this model, and offered up a price too good to pass up -- four Benjamins

PS1-class A

Even if I contract someone to in$tall PS3 in it, I'll have come out ahead compared to a factory-decked-out model. The outer box was missing--, so I made a quickie stop at Staples along the way to the hotel, and secured some packing tape to hold the styrofoam clamshell closed well enough to make it home intact come Saturday

Maybe I'll secure that N&W caboose I saw at JustTrains before I leave the meet...Stay tuned

Update: got the caboose...and a PS3 upgrade kit for the Class A

[Previous: Cabin Fever 2/20/23 MTH warehouse auction wins and some chrome freights] -- [Next: my K-Line B&A Berk + JR Jct. B&A caboose]



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  • k6341-1053
  • PS1-class A
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Snagged this beautiful Atlas O New Haven 55 ton hopper. Not my road, but $18 was a wild price for something new in box. This was at the very bottom of one of the dealers shelves, so I think it was getting overlooked. Expected the cashier to say it was mis-marked, but the sale was good!


It was a too good to be true though. I had trouble getting it out of the box, and upon doing so, realized the frame, truck mounts and hopper doors have zinc pest! At least it happened on a car I didn’t pay full retail for. I’ll probably keep the trucks and see if someone can use the shell for a freight car load. A good reminder to avoid some of these early run hoppers.


Other than the hopper, I did snag a few Atlas switches at a great price. No zinc rot there thankfully!


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Great buys everyone! Thanks for sharing!

@Ted Bertiger I was eyeing that set up on Thursday. Glad it went to a good home!

Well as I stated up above, my vehicle was so loaded on the way home Thursday, I couldn’t see out the rear view mirror! No regrets!
Here’s a photo of my day 1 purchases. (Please note the 4 boxes in back are filled with 75 empty Menards boxes! Thank you so much Jim!)


Day 2 I had much more room in the vehicle heading home. Added some big purple boxes to my collection! Here’s a photo of my day 2 purchases.


My entire York haul plus the single $1 I came home with. LoL


Here’s a quick video of Willie whistling the Chattanooga Choo Choo. This thing is so neat!

I had a very successful York experience for my third time attending! Like I said before, NO REGRETS! This was some much needed train therapy! 😁😎


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This includes my trip to The Bandits, Strasburg, and the PA Train Museum. 3 Engines including the METCA Panama Canal RR with a little discount from Chris's Trains and Things, The Rio Grande Heritage SD70ACE and my first Boston and Maine engine. I wanted the KATY Heritage, but decided to pre-order the RBP Trains KATY Custom run from Trainworld.

Finally found a Legacy Command set for less than a grand. and around 50 pieces of rolling stock, smoke and coffee mugs.

Had a great time. If I decide to do October, it will only be for 1 day. Definitely will be back next April.


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@rattler21 posted:

Did anyone see 3rdRail/Sunset or GGD heavyweight cars on the tables?  Prices?  John

I got a 3RD Rail PRR P70 coach (brass, never run) $125.00 from Trainz, they also had additional 3RD Rail PRR P70's (new)  they were $200.00 each , 3RD Rail PRR B60  & RB50 (new) $160.00- $180.00. They also had GGD Depot NYC Express Reefer @ attractive price , I thought about it and went back but it was gone. Dealer in the Orange Hall were Lionel used to setup had GGD NYC and PRR 4 car sets that appeared to be used at around $150.00  per car.

Did I get a little carried away? Maybe. Was it worth it? Yes, absolutely!  The Trainz booth was a honey hole for me. Some hard to find New England items including a Weaver New Haven I4!


Trainz was a honey hole for me also . I found a MTH Premier Santa Fe Blue Goose Hudson PS3 with 4 passenger car set (brand new sealed) made the trip to York worthwhile.

Until I get the layout further along, I'm content with my list of kits to build.....a few items did call to me....


Another $20 Giraffe car which I fix in the "up" love my string of them pulled by the RailScope Geep which I us as a dual-motored conventional engine.


Not pictured:

A pile of Plasticville parts.

Locomotive service rack kits



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My haul home from this trip include a Weaver UP boxcar and "Centennial History of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1846-1946" (book) from the bandit meets, a diecast automobile from one of the three hobby shops we visited after the bandits, and from the meet itself, 3 Jim's Train Shop custom run Weaver PRR boxcars, a diecast automobile, 2 O scale figures from Megasteam, a Crown Model Products boxcar, and the "Not Your Daddy's Tinplate" book.


I need to take pictures, but I'm happy with my first York. My #1 goal was to find an EM-1. Ended up spending most of my money at Vince's. All B&O: EM-1, Weaver Royal Blue Pacific, and a 3rd Rail I12 caboose.

Also grabbed a Camelback, some rolling stock, and a super-chuffer. Millhouse, Altoona Modelworks, and East Coast Customs booths were worth the drive, even if I had left empty handed.

2 highlights of purchases

I just finished my back corner of the layout and was looking for a couple of vehicles that would go nicely with that theme.   I found the Sunoco oil truck with the LEDs.  Had to have it.   Posted the vehicle below and then the area it will go in.   Was excited to find a truck that perfectly compliments the scene.

2nd purchase is the K-line Santa Fe hi levels.   Well I inspected a couple of cars and some stuff on the cars but that was easily cleaned.   One of the cars I did not remove completely out of the box the truck on one end fell off when I was at home.  Ultimately was not too bad to fix with some effort.   Even though noted as brand new always open up each car and fully inspect.   Figured 2 of 4 were good so would the others.  Not the case.   Beautiful cars.   Always inspect as even if noted as new you never know.


Videos (3)

I don’t remember what was bought. I turn into my evil York Meet twin when I go to the Meet. Who knows what he purchased! I bear no responsibility when this happens. I vaguely remember a steam locomotive. I’ll have to wait until the shipped boxes arrive on Friday. Only reason I know that is because I found a UPS shipping receipt in my badge holder!

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First York was a success! Here is a picture of my haul. I went looking for a few things and ended up only getting two things on my list, but picked up some really cool MTH Premier cars I never saw before. And the best deal I got at York, wasn't actually at the show! Haha I'll have some more pics and videos soon.



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I had one major item on my list: an MTH Pennsylvania E-44 (at a reasonable price), and I found it at Vince's Trains (thanks, Vince!)

I'm making a diorama for my grandson as a way to know who his great-great-grandfather was (his namesake, actually). I'll be enlarging this picture of my grandfather with this E-44 in Harrisburg (or Enola, not sure) in the mid-60's to put alongside the diorama.


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  • Pop-Pop E44

A few of the "modern" goodies I picked up at York ....

Photo Apr 22 2023, 7 00 03 PM

Then on Friday morning shortly after walking into the Blue Hall, my eyes caught something that I have been on the hunt of for a while.

I have always had a thing for Lionel OO Gauge ever since I saw it several years ago in two of my friend's collections.

There it was, set #0080, first cataloged in 1939, complete with all the boxes, packing materials, instructions & track.

I struck up a conversation with the seller and looked everything over.  I'm sure it was obvious how much I wanted this set!

We finally came to a deal that satisfied both of us.  I handed him the cash and we packed everything up.  Here are a few photos I snapped in the hotel room

Friday nite and when I got home on Saturday evening.   Yes, she runs too!

Now to find the other sets, both 2 and 3 rail versions!

Photo Apr 21 2023, 6 40 32 PMPhoto Apr 21 2023, 6 43 32 PM

Photo Apr 21 2023, 6 46 24 PM

Photo Apr 21 2023, 6 47 22 PM

Photo Apr 25 2023, 3 58 09 PM

Photo Apr 25 2023, 3 59 00 PMPhoto Apr 25 2023, 4 00 14 PMPhoto Apr 25 2023, 4 00 52 PMPhoto Apr 25 2023, 4 01 26 PMPhoto Apr 25 2023, 4 01 59 PM


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  • Photo Apr 21 2023, 6 40 32 PM
  • Photo Apr 21 2023, 6 43 32 PM
  • Photo Apr 21 2023, 6 46 24 PM
  • Photo Apr 21 2023, 6 47 22 PM
  • Photo Apr 25 2023, 3 58 09 PM
  • Photo Apr 25 2023, 3 59 00 PM
  • Photo Apr 25 2023, 4 00 14 PM
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  • Photo Apr 25 2023, 4 01 59 PM

1439AD72-7FC4-49E6-9393-3C7CDF0DC432Found an unusual boxed set in the Silver hall. KLine Nabisco train set from 1995 for $235. I collect any Kraft and Nabisco rolling stock/sets/ engines since I did work for both companies for 31 years. So this set gets added to the display.
I don’t buy much in trains these days as my collection is more than enough.

I didn't realize K-Line did a Lifesavers car. I thought there were only the 2 from Lionel plus whatever ones Menards has recently done. That is neat.

@Traindiesel posted:

I don’t remember what was bought. I turn into my evil York Meet twin when I go to the Meet. Who knows what he purchased! I bear no responsibility when this happens. I vaguely remember a steam locomotive. I’ll have to wait until the shipped boxes arrive on Friday. Only reason I know that is because I found a UPS shipping receipt in my badge holder!

So what did your evil York Meet twin end up purchasing? LoL

Really enjoyed three days of York with my adult son.  We spent every day talking each other into buying trains.  A very memorable time with my son.

These are the engines we bought, rolling stock later.

Jacob’s new Lionel Legacy Susquehanna Sd40T-2


Jacob’s second engine, a N&W FM H10-44:


Jacob’s last engine, a TMCC Lionmaster T-1:


My one diesel, an MTH GP9 Clinchfield, a MrMuffin special run:


And my big find, a Lionel TMCC C&O F19 Pacific with Vanderbilt tender:



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Greetings from Northern Michigan.  Here's the majority of my purchases or the "haul" from my third York show   Ironically, most of this was found in the White Hall!  All of the FEC passenger cars and FEC tank car were purchased from a couple of members that gave me an outstanding deal as they are all brand new.  I have been on the hunt for the Florida East Coast passenger cars for over a year, so I was elated to find the 5 car and 2 car add on sets.   The SOO RS 27 was purchased from Mr. Muffin's Trains and Tom (Gilly) twisted my arm and swindled me into purchasing the Robin Hood beer car in the Purple Hall!   In the background by the bridges you can see the building front that I purchased from Doug at Todd Architectural Models.  (The FEC F3 A & B units were not part of this York purchases)

I had a great time from the pre-meet breakfast to talking trains and life experiences with other members for a couple of days.  It was great to see acquaintances from the previous shows that I attended and I made a bunch of new friends.  Thanks to Eastern Division, the vendors / members  that made my 750 mile drive worth every minute!


York Spring 2023


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