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Ozarka, Arkansas. Autumn, 1964...

KC&G GP7 #412 idles it's EMD chant beside Ozarka's engine house while the crew's shootin' the bull with the engine house Foreman: Ol' Jess.

Braggin' rights are at stake, for they're right in the midst of seeing who bagged the most squirrels on yesterday's opening day of squirrel season. Meanwhile, a KC&G ALCo (RS-3 #269) slumbers silently in the engine house for Ol' Jess to renew going over it for the mandated service inspection.

This is the calm before the storm, for it won't be long and the northbound coal train they're waiting on will hit town, which is precisely what #412's crew is waiting on. When it does, they'll tack on to the caboose, and once the highball comes from the head end, with a cacophonous uproar, the entire entourage will gather up what run they can muster, and another battle up The Mountain will begin.

Life moves at a different pace on the KC&G up in the mountains of the Arkansas Ozarks.


What you're seeing...

Just messing around and was tired of the "engines service" area just being empty tracks. SO, in about 45 minutes start to finish, I "scratchbuilt" the above sheet iron engine house. Later I came back and placed the various service items I had on hand.

The scene (the entire layout) has a long ways to go before it's anywhere near complete... but it's fun getting there.



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This was my first kitbash.  3 MTH Banks.  Certainly not an original idea.  I have very few of those.  My family calls me the king of cut and paste for my lack of originality. 

Two banks I purchased used and very cheap, so  I had no trouble cutting them up.  I could not find a third on the used market for the longest time, so I purchased a new one.  

I sat at the workbench for the longest time with the saw in my hand debating on whether or not I should hack up a brand new model.


I did not realize until I attached the pictures, but you get a bonus homemade of Sal's Italian Hot Dog Trailer.  

Have Fun!




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@laming posted:



"SO, in about 45 minutes start to finish, I 'scratchbuilt' the above sheet iron engine house."


A word of explanation about that 45 minutes part for concern for y'all that could be thinkin' I'm BS'n 'ya:

The above engine house started a photo that I had long ago manipulated via photo software for use on "V scale" (computer simulation) engine house I created for a route (V scale parlance for a "layout") that I was creating. So, it was a simple matter to resize the photo to HO scale, print it out, glue it to some poster board and cut and assemble! Right at 45 minutes from start to finish! It's only a "stand in" until a more detailed styrene structure can replace it... but it "good enuf" for me that it might be there for a long time!


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Great thread... I love to scratch.    On my Hi-rail layout I try to design my buildings with some realism but also adorn them to resemble the toy like appearance of my rolling stock. Sometimes it works better than others times. I have included some pics to show how the building fits into the scenery. Here are my two train stations. DSCN0432DSCN0433DSCN0438DSCN0437DSCN0436DSCN0458DSCN0457DSCN0456DSCN0455DSCN0238DSCN0239DSCN0240DSCN0259DSCN0036DSCN0003



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Restyled Kitbashed Bachmann 1975 Coaling Station

Great jobs by all.  I really liked that scratch church made from a Model Builder magazine picture made by dkdkrd and the restyled Lionel 97 coal loading tower by steve 24944 just to note a few recent ones and they all are super.  What talent and craftsmanship we have here on OGR forum.

Here is a smaller coaling tower project, a restyled kitbashed Bachmann Coaling Station built years ago in the 1980's.  I did not have room by my round table for a Lionel model 97.

The Bachmann Coal Station, number 1975, is a good kitbashing kit.


My first kit-bash was to make a raised roof, (which had a conveyor to spread coal), on the the Coal Station to replace the 1975 flat roof.  I always liked the looks of that style coal station.  I used 1/8 inch tempered Masonite with one smooth side.  The smooth sides were scored with a knife to look like siding.  Windows were cut out and made and installed in the top section.  The parts were glued with Elmer's glue.  A sheet metal roof, obtained at a train show, was installed.

Finished Coaling Station


View of the under side of the new roof.


Some day I may add a coal loading system to this Coaling Station similar to the loading system in my kitbashed Coal Mine (to be seen in a later post) made from the Bachmann 1975 Coaling Station kit too.


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What happens when you put a warped wall in for some heat to flatten it & forget about it?   I really did not want to throw it away so I got out the table saw, miter saw, sanders & hand sanded.  I used the rear door & window for the outside stairway.  The paint is actually duller then you see here in the pictures.


Utacolzona Railroad in On30 (built 2020 - 2022) Last Update 2/18/23


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I’m a bit intimidated by the expertise of many of you. So many fantastic projects.
John I never thought about enclosing the staircase as you did. That may have looked better. 
Well here goes. This building started out as a bootery. I removed the boot and interior finish. I installed the Barracuda Bobs sign in its place and installed some lights. I copied a picture of the actual bar interior off the website. It’s an actual bar in Savannah GA. I resized it and installed it in the windows. I put lights in the windows and over the door. Then I decided that I needed a place for a poetry book store for my son. I cut a hole in the side of the building at the second floor and installed a door, awning,Lighting and landing made from a cut down pedestrian overpass. Then I Cutdown the staircase and added the railing. I covered the remains of the wall sign with a close match of paint and added my own sign at the landing and a hanging sign at street level. I finished it off with a sandwich sign about poetry readings by my Son and Daughter in law. 


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I just finished a Brennan's O B Long Box Co. Kit that will be half of a bashed "Colorado Car Shops" subsidiary of this road, that rebuilds cabooses for other short lines.  The second half is a Danish kit, very US in appearance, of a steam engine house, "Top Link" from Polian Hobby, Denmark.  This is a neat kit that l'd like to get my hands on a couple more of. The walls are in sections so this structure can be built at any length, by adding kits together. So this is not one of those chicken coop engine house kits that can't shelter a 3ft. O-4-OT.  I will join this one to the Brennan's, to create a structure with a couple of bays to rebuild cabooses.


 WOW, WE'RE approaching 4 pages, lets keep going.  Rarely do we see the private collections of O Gaugers creations all in one place.  We have some extreme;y excellent builders on the forum and it is so nice to see everyone's contributions.  

Here's 2 fronts for DSL models, Dave Lull", Chicago.  They are models of real buildings in the city.  Of course these are my interpretations of them.. 😉






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