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Because of a duplication, Page 1, Post 1 of this topic has been revised.  It is now about a Homemade Operating Turntable, with a pit, that costed $10. The Post 1 shows how the turntable, was built, over 44 years ago, and is still working on my layout.  I always considered an operating turntable the ultimate operating accessory for a model train layout.

Post 1 on Page 1 will worth a look.


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So, my NHRR serves a number of industries in Groton, CT, two of which are pictured here.  The larger building is part of the General Dynamics complex  (formerly Electric Boat in the NH era).  The first level has five RR-served loading doors, with the upper floors devoted to engineering and government contracts work.  

The smaller building is a super-secret development center for ????IMG_3014IMG_3013IMG_3006—-but I can’t reveal anything more about that-integrity, ethics and such.  It does ship via REA though.

The crane is a Lionel product, sort of partially altered.  If you doubt one existed, there is a photo of it in Providence RI on pg 128 of “NH Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment” published by David Sweetland.  It’s still needs some detailing…


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