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I don't have a whole lot of N&W (a lot more of its successor) but this is the biggest of the lot, reaching back to a buy-anything-cool thread from August 2023 (page 343):

Class A and friends [BACL pg 343)

Class A, tender+caboose [BACL page 343)

Here's a link to the original BACL post with clickable (bigger) versions of the above images, among others.

Class A while in York

Also, the same Class A, after hours in my hotel room during York, and a few months prior to getting its PS3 upgrade (top two pics).

York haul thread where the above pic appears in clickable form


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My only N&W engine.  It's a MTH Rail King Y6b with Proto sounds.  I bought it from Trainland many years ago when they were clearing out Proto sounds equipment.  I believe Proto 3 was still on the horizon but Proto 2 had been around for a while.  I've added a homemade auxiliary tender.IMG_2652


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All you OGR N&W fans ...

Thank you for sharing your passion!

I too love the J-s  (have 4), and one day hope to get the Y6B and A-class. Your pics and videos are especially cool on your layouts ...very inspirational.

I wish Lionel would make Vision versions, or at least remakes, of the real big N&W engines like the Y6b ... just like they tend to do with the popular UP Big Boy.

Great post!

- Ken Gillig

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