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Have following LGB Telegram issues 1-4 issued over a 2 year period. Then Volume 2 issues 1&2 missing issue #3(assuming there was one), Volumes 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,and 12 4 issues per volume (Spring, summer, fall & Winter) Vol 13 has #4 missing, Vol 14 is complete Then the tittle was change to LGB Depeshe issues 120-137 numbering changed to the number format. At this point LGB filed for bankruptcy There is a total of 70 issues. Priced at $95 Plus shipping. also included are some Misc issues of "club news" EPL Technick and duplicates included. Telegram #1Telegram #1telegramsTelegram #3Telegram #4LGB #5


My email is in my profile   Payment Via PayPal, Postal money order  or local pickup

  All 42lbs headed to new owner in Tokyo 


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  • Telegram #1
  • LGB #5
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