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The Caboose, has not closed down, I have a very close friend who works there, I sent him an e-mail after reading the above comment, here is what he had to say about the store being closed:  

"Caboose is still very much in business. The retail store is temporarily closed to in-store shopping due to Covid (we speculate we will be open again to in store shopping late Aug early Sept. if numbers of infection decrease and the community open back up)   Currently we are doing ebay, website, and drop shipments from vendors direct to customer. We are also doing orders for pick up. Staff do go into the store here and there to take care of business however no regular hours as of yet. Anyone can contact us by leaving a phone message 303-777-6766 or sending an email to"
So you can reach them via their web address or you can call them at the regular store number.
Hope this helps,


As a Southern California resident I use Chuck Sartor in Colorado as well. It is well worth it to me to pay a little extra shipping to Colorado rather than using some of the local shops because after talking with the locals, they clearly are not on the same level as Chuck!

And when I say "local" shop it would still be an hour's drive north for me...

Chuck is always responsive to inquiries and your engine always returns safe and in perfect running condition. I highly recommend Chuck Sartor.


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