Can not find the light bulb p/n for the Real Track switches in the Service Manual, or anywhere.  Appears to be similar to the passenger car light, but larger in size and possible an 18 volt light.

Anyone have the MTH p/n?

thanks, Bruce

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If you find the actual #, it would be nice to nail down the part # once and for all.  From the Brasseuer site and from the MTH Light Bulb chart:


Would be good to know if indeed the passenger car bulb is different/larger than the Realtrax track/switch bulb.

As my Realtrax switch and lock-on bulbs fail, I unsuccessfully look again to see if someone has come up with an off-the-shelf plug-and-play LED replacement.  Until then, I replace them with a DIY LED contraption...not a recommended alternative - do not try this at home.






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