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@Arnold D. Cribari:


Thanks for the kind words. I am not the photographer that some of our fellow list members are, but, I still enjoy sharing my layout with others.

Also, I love your layout. I have a soft spot in my heart for Manhattan and the Bronx. I am a baseball fanatic, an ex-intercollegiate catcher. I also have been a life-long Yankee fan. Your rendering of the stadium with Don Larsen on the mound in the 1956 World Series is a great way to commemorate that great piece of Yankee history. It was a bit before my conscious memory. I was only 5 years old at the time, but, I am sure my mother had it on our television in the afternoon. I do remember the next few years seeing Whitey Ford, Yogi (my favorite player ever) and Mickey Mantle playing with Casey (You can look it up) Stengle managing. Those are my favorite baseball memories.

Sorry for the digression. I sometimes get wound up on a topic other than the one being discussed.

Thanks Rich, I used my top secret system...Water. Put a thin brushing with a wide brush and took very long exposures with the camera. For the headlight reflection I used small flashlight beam moving at a slow speed. Exposure was over a minute. It took many, many tries to get it right. If I have dark areas that are hard to light, I "paint" a little light in the area with a flash light, keeping it moving all the time. I did it on the rock wall next to the drug store. Glad you liked it. Click to enlarge.....Donnight drug store [wet0


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Table and track - no scenery yet!

Lionel Lionchief Plus 4-6-2 Pacific Alaska #652 heading up 3 RMT Alaska Streamliners.

These passenger cars are very nicely lit - bright, even, and flicker free.

The locomotive is too big for these 12" passenger cars, but it pulls the three car consist
with ease.  My Lionel Alco AA conventional set with single Pullmor motor could not pull
these cars out of the yard.

Sounds are great, and the handheld remote is easy to use.  I think I prefer it over the
mobile device app, I have one of the new Docksider 0-6-0 2.0+ and have used the app.



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What a neat topic, and on the main forum the old days. I've learned a few tips from just looking at the photos on this thread, like having a faint light on a painted background gives a nice dusk look, and the photo with fake snow of some sort in the railyard...baking soda? That reflected some ambient light as well.

Video of "Streets" and trains at the same time.

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