This may seem like a silly question to some, but it’s a first for me. I recently purchased the latest offering of a Union Pacific RailKing SD 60. These SD60’s could almost be a Premier as far as size and detailing. Almost all my stuff is Premier, but when I seen this it had to come home. Anyway the rear number boards do not light up. Does RailKing only light up the front boards? I don’t have any RailKings with rear number boards to judge by except for this unit. Thought I’d ask before I take the shell off   to take a look. 

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Try a reset, or it could be contact springs on shell if this model uses them to connect the light harness to the wire harness when shell is installed.  G

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One end not working is odd. Might ne a quality issue on a new diesel?

I've been having issues during lash ups between PS2 and PS 3 not playing nice. Markers, head lights or number boards don't turn on from the previous operations depending on the mix.  Also this seems to happen when selecting / using the (ALL) feature on the remote.

Have to select each separate engine on the remote and press HLT, LMB or MKR to manually turn them back on again. 

Any ides on those issues?

SIRT, I have had all those issues with P2 and P3 lashed up plus P3 with P3 lashed up. They will not hold previous settings. On trailing units in lash up, I can have just number boards on and change directions and they turn off. Does not matter what engine it is.  This particular engine just does not have functioning rear boards. Probably something simple. They take a lot of banging around coming all the from China, not too mention the various stages handling until they finally end up in the customers hands. Though for what they cost the customer has the right to expect a flawless running engine. 

Thanks, thought I was crazy. Good luck. It's probably a connector not plugged in all the way. 

Those copper springs not making connection on RK subways causes the top marker lights to not light up. Contact springs can move up, away from the pads on the PC Light board. Maybe something like that on yours?

I have added stoppers so they stay put when the shell goes back onto the frame.

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