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I’m not sure as to how helpful this is. Touch Toggles. I saw these demoed a few years ago at the Springfield Big E show. They seemed to work well.  The site mentions o scale solenoid type machines with AC voltage as well as other options. Like anything electrical. Most of it’s over my head until I actually do it first hand. The site has some info and maybe someone here has experience with them. There’s a lot of options listed but you need to figure out what you need for your application. They lost me with the graphic designed track plan which is the first step of the install. But they are momentary and do light up.

I think you can buy the switches for the DZ1000/2500 motors seperately.  2 buttons with built in LED, work with 14v AC.  They work with my lionel O22 switches and light up green or red depending on the direction.    One wire to ground, the other two to the switch.   They save a lot of room.

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@mike g.  I have a post on the touch toggles (TT).  I like them, but are you looking to have a control panel which shows position of switches or something on the switch motor such as in the DZ motors?  The touch toggles should work with the DZ1000 motor but probably not with the DZ2500. There is some difference in the electronics of each. Also Barrett makes different control blocks for the different motor types. One for the tortoise stall motors and another for solenoid motors. NOTE: The Lionel Legacy and TMCC signals mess up the TTs - at this point there has been no solution. Works fine with DCS and transformer control.

The other matter is which touch toggle to use.  They have a single LED which changes from red to green and another with separate red and green LEDs. After using them for my lower switches, I am still not sure what I want displayed. I have the dual versions. When you create the map, you have to provide enough spacing for the LEDs for each section and you should leave an unprinted area for the LED to shine through - paper white is fine. I am now thinking a single LED may make more sense. If its red its diverging, green straight through. It also makes printing the map and TT placement much easier. Right now the straight through lights green and is off when diverging, the red LED lights in the diverging path.

The image shows how the TTs are placed under the layout map. (The boxes at S1 and S2 show the approximate size and orientation of the body underneath the paper.)  I had to fiddle with the map to get the TT bodies to fit under the map and align with the circles. Might make more sense to have a single LED at the junction.

Touch Toggles on Yard Mapb


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