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First timer so sorry if this is a topic that has been seen before.

Purchased this engine 4 months ago on e-bay and everything was working fine, lights, smoke and sound. This is the TMCC engine but I am running conventional as I do not have a control system on the layout. Everything but the lighting is still working. It started acting intermittent on then off sometimes then the headlight was only very dim and now nothing, no headlight, markers , firebox or tender back up light. I have checked the bulbs and LED's and all are ok. I e-mailed with a reputable train repair company and the suggested that the mother board or the radio board may be the problem. Is there anyone who can test boards or do I just need to replace. Any suggestion or help is greatly appreciated as I am new to this hobby. Thank you.

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Welcome to the hobby. Lots of fun to be had.

Let's start with the easy stuff.

If this loco has been on the shelf for a while, there could be micro corrosion on the mating pins on the circuit boards.

You can take the boiler off and unplug each circuit board, one at a time, and plug it back in. The motion of the pins being unplugged and plugged back in again scrapes the micro corrosion off and restores electrical contact.

You can do the same with the cables on the lights, but be gentle. The wires are tiny.

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