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Originally posted by JohnBoy:
Avanti, that particular listing looks like it's for multi-color, is that right? Can you point us to a strip of only the warm-white?



No. The website is a little chaotic, but I think they are single color. There is a pull-down just above the "buy it now" button that lets you select the color (including warm white). See also the note:

Friendly Notice: (Each 3528 Strip has only one Color, please choose 5050 RGB LED strip if you want multi colors in one LED strip with Control Panel)
We've also started using the LED strips with the peal and stick backing on our club layout with good results. They are 1000x better than the grain of wheat bulbs. You do need 12 VDC to power them and our layouts generally have AC power. We found that we can buy small voltage regulator circuits on Ebay for about $7 delivered. You hook up the input side to either AC or DC voltage. It will output a constant DC voltage even if the input voltage is changing. There is a small screw you turn to set the level of the output voltage. We've also used these to drive Miller Engineering signs with layout power and eliminated the battery pack.
I described the parts I used above in this post. To make a light above a door, I would use a Plastruct LF-6 light cover with 3/32" plastruct tubing (TB-3). I would use a 12 volt grain of wheat bulb from Circuit Concepts. The light cover has to be drilled out for the 3/32" piping. I also bore out the light side of the cover with a 1/8" drill so the light tucks up into the cover. To bend the 3/32" piping, I use a bending jig.
You are close enough to come over and get a demonstration.

Alan Graziano
Thank's Alan
That's great!
I do want to get together with you this year some saturday,maybe some saturday afternoon in Feb,March or April.
Also hopefully sometime you could come down on a saturday afternoon and see my layout.I'm easier to get to than Joe's train station,Instead of getting off at Street road,you go down 4 more exit's to Bridge st. and I am at the bottom of the off ramp.
By the way,are you going to Trainstock in Paterson?
But once again,Thank's
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I'm using 3MM round top warm white LED's .These were removed from Christmas lights

I like them because they give off an eyrie glow reminiscent of the woefully inefficient 250 watt incandescent bulbs used back in the 30's and 40's

Here's some on a coal tower and an Atlas switch tower (lower right hand corner of coal tower) and an Atlas station


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