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Today my LHS told me they were told Lionel isn't shipping anything until January.  I'm bummed, I ordered the big Steam and that giant Army Turbine.  The waiting sucks.

Is that just for the 2-10-10-2's? Heard that the 4-6-2's are arriving at dealers (though I didn't preorder any) and wondering if that goes for other items. Been waiting on an SW8 and the Pacemaker Freight set. I don't mind the wait though, I've kept busy with other models I've found here and there

For all of those interested, I put together a shipping list for most of the items announced by Lionel, MTH, and Atlas over the past year and try to update it once a week using information for stores, as well as Lionel's website. Lionel actually updates its shipping schedule on a daily basis, it is just on the Lionel Store and not the PDF that has been linked in this thread several times. The Lionel one is the most accurate and the MTH/Atlas sheets are guestimates at best.

THIS LIST IS NOT PERFECT! I mainly included items that my friends and myself were interested in, if you don't see an item you have on order, it doesn't mean it is canceled, it just means I didn't go through the effort to put it in the sheet.


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