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  I purchased last year a Lionel Winter Wonderland Express set.  I set-up the locomotive on my LG phone and the app functioned well.  Now this year the app does not stay connected through Bluetooth.  It keeps shutting down after I connect.    I did uninstall the old app and reinstalled the new app.



I've had all sorts of issues with it over a period of time.  For several months, it wouldn't work at all, they finally released an update that connects.

However, even after the update that finally made it work (somewhat), many engines have a very limited range.  The LC+ 2.0 Docksider 0-6-0, for instance, only has about a 10-12 foot range.  The new Legacy Camelback does better, but it's only about 20 feet or so.  Even with a medium sized layout, that's not nearly enough for reliable running.  This is why I'm a big fan of the LC+ 2.0, you get nice reliable TMCC to control them!  Truthfully, most of my BT equipped locomotives have the BT turned off, I can only see it being a problem, not a solution.  As far as relying on BT as my only remote control choice, NO THANKS!

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