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I purchased a set of Lionel Lion Scale freight cars. There are six cars in the set. The problem is the cars keep uncoupling when running the six cars together with no other cars and just the locomotive. Apparently the couplers are not strong enough to pull the weight of six cars and it is not just one car. I bought this some time ago so I can't go back to Lionel. Can someone recommend a set of replacement couplers that I can buy to keep the cars together and that would fit the Lion Scale cars. Thanks

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Thank you John. The Lionel catalogue for this model of the Lion Scale advertises "easy conversion to scale couplers". In their catalogue they do not advertise couplers, only "die scale trucks". Another Lion Scale set advertises "easy convertible to body mounted scale couplers". I looked at the Kadee website but there were too many choices for me to choose. I suppose I should call Kadee and see what they recommend. Do you still think replacement couplers wouldbe hard to find.



Thanks for your reply. I don't have any special plan in mind as to replacing the lobster claw or the entire coupler. I am just trying to come up with a permanent solution to the couplers not holding which is the case on five of the six cars. I would prefer to avoid the rubber band solution. I only mention Kadee because I have heard they are good but I have never used them. I have pictures below. Thanks.


2 solutions for you. 1 take off the uncoupling tab armature. Remove the screw and spring. Take the spring and stretch it out just a tiny bit. Do not over stretch it. Then reassemble every thing as it was and tighten the screw back down. That may help.

2 if you do not care to ever uncouple the cars or at least keep them together in a unit train consists. Just use plastic zip ties to keep them from commimg open. If you find two cars with trucks that do not give you problems coming uncoupled. Put them at either end and then zip tie all other cars in the middle. This way you can keep them all together as a unit, but still be able to uncouple them from either end by hand or with an uncoupling track section.

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