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I thought there was already a thread regarding this, but I didn't find it. Apologies if it's already been answered. I'm not looking to start the feud about dcc being ac or dc. I'm just curious if anybody has successfully used dcc on the track to "power" (not control) their Lionchief 2.0 loco and run the loco via bluetooth? I know the first thing that comes to mind is "Why would anybody do that?". Well since LC2.0 can run on conventional, ac, dc, tmcc (and even battery), I'm just curious if LC2.0 would also get along with dcc for power.



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You may be able to find some hints in this thread:

     Question can Legacy and DDC be run at the same time on the same track? (7/8/16) | John Graser

Although this thread is specifically about Legacy, and also appears to mention conventional control, there is a good discussion on the characteristics of DCC and how they likely impact the operation of non-DCC locomotives.


Thanks gents, I should have mentioned there's no Legacy or even TMCC here (yet anyway). The only way I have to control my LC2.0 loco is via Bluetooth or conventional. I do have a dcc system, but I don't want to use my LC2.0 as a guinea pig. Just wondered if somebody else already had tried it. The chances are slim of course, but thought I'd ask anyway.


Hi Bobby,

Thank you. This is very informative. My super long term ultimate goal is run 3-4 trains at the same time. But all at the same time sharing tracks and running with -automation- and not crash into each other.

I am hoping in the long run, I am able to run

1) DCC control and power for Atlas/MTH trains and automation with JMRI.

2) DCC power and Lion Chief Control for Lionel. In this case I am just hoping that JMRI can send TMCC control signals to Base 3 which can send blue tooth signals to Lionel train to enable automation.

3) DCC based switch control automated with JMRI

I am very much a beginner on this. And might be making some mistakes. I am just hoping that I do not make too many.


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