I have successfully downloaded the Lionchief app on my iPhone. Works great.

However, I tried to add it to my wife's iPad and the only app I could get from the app store was the app for the caboose cam.

When I did the search for Lionchief or Lionchief plus, only the caboose app kept showing up.

How do I get the controller app for the iPad?

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Once you search for Lionel, there should be a "iPad only" drop down button at the top, change it to iPhone. All the apps will appear. 

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Thank you Marty.

I was able to download it to my iPad.

Unfortunately, the iPad is an early version and does not support "Bluetooth LE" (and Apple no longer supports upgrades for this iPad).

So, I use the app on my iPhone or use the universal remote. The iPad would be easier to use than the phone, but I guess I'll wait for 5G iPad.

I can use the app for the caboose cam on the iPad, so I get a nice size screen compared to a phone.

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