I have a defective Lionchief Plus Pacific (Southern). My question is, from anyone's experience, would you advise I return it to Trainworld or ask them or Lionel to repair it?
I just received it from Trainworld, the warranty is in effect, and it gets power (some chuff sounds) but does not run, either from transformer or remote. I followed the instructions carefully. My other engines run fine on the same track. 80 watt, 16 volt transformer.
Thanks for any suggestion.
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This may be too simple, but relevant if you've never had a LC+ loco. There is a switch on the loco that determines whether the loco operates in command (LionChief remote/universal remote/bluetooth) or conventional mode. Make sure it's in conventional mode if that's what you are using, and in LionChief mode if you are using the remote.  16 volts should be enough in either mode.

DocMckay, I just came on this thread and am glad to see you already have the Forum input you need.

You may already know what I'm about to say, especially if you have other LC+ engines. From my experience, when an LC+ engine is in remote mode and running at 16 volts, the engine will run fine, but its smoke production may be substantially less than it would be at 18 volts. 

Good luck with getting it taken care of ASAP by Trainworld. Arnold

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Yep. That makes sense. I thought you meant a modern 80-watt transformer.

I usually run all of my TMCC, Legacy and LionChief stuff at about 15 or 16 volts, so that shouldn’t be the problem. (Eighteen volts is the recommended maximum, not the minimum, for command control operations.)


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