I received quite an excellent deal on a Thomas and Friends Diesel.  Such a good deal, that I bought two of them.  Not that I really like Diesel, but so I could use the LionChief boards as donors for my old conventional Beeps.

We mostly run DCS and I recently entered the LionChief game, enthused that I could run LionChief and DCS on the same track at the same time.

Some years ago I purchased two NJT RMT Beeps.  Because they are conventional, they spent a lot of time on the shelf.  Now that I have installed two exact match LionChief boards inside each engine, one remote control operates both engines as a perfect (pick your preferred name) Double Head, MU, Lashup.

It takes two to pull these heavy Atlas coaches.

Have Fun!


"I'd rather be lucky than good"


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JD... There is a tiny speaker and some very lame engine noises and horn.  The bell is passable but still poor.  If you to hit the center button, music does play.

I like to run silent, so there is a way to shut off the sounds.  But frankly the track noise from the engine and cars drains out the regular engine noise.  You can barely hear it in the first video and I can't hear it at all in the second video.

I kept the speaker connected, because I like to hear the whistle when you power up which indicates its time to turn on the remote.

I did another transplant with a different LionChief engine and the sounds are much better.  Check out this video of my $40 Weaver engine I purchased at York.  It did not run and did not have a fuel tank.  I purchased a LionChief engine for $70 and an Atlas fuel tank for $15.  So for $125, I have a pretty nice engine.

"I'd rather be lucky than good"


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