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Mine came today. The 773 Lionel lines version. It is okay looking model. The tender is to big for the locomotive. The tender appears scale size while the locomotive is not. The only real big issue is the marker lights are molded to the boiler front right above the smoke box door. It looks terrible. They resemble diesel locomotive ditch lights.

It runs good, both with the app and legacy remote, and sounds good including the whistle. The bell is average but better than the church sounding bells on legacy locomotives. The smoke unit is outstanding.  It will look good pulling the short Madison coaches and other smaller sized rolling stock. I have pictures and will upload them when I get to a laptop.


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I picked one up also. I wanted something to pull some of the Lionel Lines 2400 cars and wanted an engine with "Lionel Lines" on the tender. I didn't mind the larger tender. These come with real coal loads which wasn't cataloged. The only thing I saw that was not as cataloged was the darken drivers. Other then that, it's a great locomotive. Here are some additional photos.



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@iguanaman3 posted:

No it is not. It does not really look like a NYC hudson boiler at all and it is shorter than the lionmaster too. I wonder what happened to the lionmaster tooling it was nicely done.

There have been a multitude of requests for Lionel to rerun the Lionmaster Hudson and this time catalog a “Lionel Lines” version.  So far, nada, and with these Lionchief versions just arriving, doesn’t seem likely it would happen anytime soon.

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