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The boy and I set up the holiday train. After some futzing around, I got my old man's 1951 F3 running and debugged the various issues. We popped the modern loco on the rails...ran it for a spell, admired the details and such and turned off the set to do something else. Later in the day, I fired it back up and there is no sound from the engine. Not even the beeping when the remote hasn't paired yet.

I did the usual of checking connections, volume, etc but nada. Everything else works, including the smoke generator and couplers.

We are running a Z-1000 transformer with TVS installed between the unit and track connection.

Any ideas?

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It's a Lionchief (plus doesn't matter) steam with a drawbar with connectors in it.

If it's not just the volume being turned down digitally, and not the connection seated fully,  the next thing is the thin speaker wires known to break the solder joints at the drawbar. This is hidden under the heatshrink which does NOT act as a strain relief, it just covers up cosmetically the connections.

Again, per manual, check that sounds switch is on.

Screen Shot 2023-12-03 at 4.18.39 PM

Adjusting the volume using the LionChief remote
To turn off the locomotive’s steam background sounds, slide the SOUND switch to the OFF position.
Refer to Figure 1 on page 5 for the location of this switch. You must cycle the power off and on for
this change to take effect, regardless of the operational mode.
The overall volume of the sounds in your locomotive can be adjusted, but this requires the use of
the LionChief remote (in remote operation mode). To enter Volume Control Mode, place the remote
on a flat surface. Using one hand, press the WHISTLE and BELL buttons simultaneously. After three
seconds, the remote’s red LED will begin to flash, acknowledging that you are in volume adjustment
mode. Keep the WHISTLE and BELL buttons depressed.
Using your other hand turn the speed control knob up or down to adjust the volume to your prefer-
ence. Release the WHISTLE and BELL buttons to exit volume adjustment mode.


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