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Hey Guys,

My understanding is that all of the 022 switch tracks have the non-derailment feature.   I have 9 switches in my layout. 

Does this mean that assuming that the feature works properly on all of my switches, I could randomly set all of the switches to open or close, put a train on the tracks, turn up the throttle, and that my train would then wander all around the layout by itself, never derailing, and finding its own way in a unique path?

And, that when the train returns to the original starting point on the track, I could set the first switch it will encounter to the opposite of what it was on the original train run, and that the train would then wander around the layout again, creating another unique path?

If so, then that would be pretty cool to watch, almost like Artificial Intelligence.  I would never have to throw a switch control lever during the train run, and by just changing the setting on any given switch in the path, the train would always wander through a new pathway around the layout.


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@Mannyrock, yes, in essence, that can be done as shown in your other post:

On this track plan, I often use the green dynamic route to keep things interesting as the train will alternate directions around the "dogbone":

My Eyes Were Bigger than My Layout | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum

Here I have highlighted the dog bone that utilizes dynamic routing:

You can get even more creative with the paths by linking switches so they throw together.

To add even more fun., you can build out some block detection too:

See this:

And this:

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@BenLMaggi posted:

I watched part of the video... ...Perhaps making it so more trains could run instead of just one.

@bmoran4 posted:

@BenLMaggi, I seriously doubt that layout is setup to only run one train like that. Toggle a few power districts and switch throws and numerous trains could be operated no issue. Heck, even those few trains may have smaller or complimentary dynamic routes.

Correct! It just demonstrates what CAN be done with the non-derailing feature with the switches positioned as such.

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