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I have a switch that was not clicking back and forth all the way so I took apart oiled and grease  it and still was not working right. So i took it apart agacommand looked at it closer and on the plate where it slides back and forth on the cooper is worn ofdiss there a way to fix this or do I need to find a new Switch.

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Lionel J,

   In reality it will be cheaper and easier to pick up another used 022 Lionel Switch.

Most times it's easier to pick up a good used switch, than find the parts and fix the switch.  Unless this switch means something special to you, look around for a used 022.




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I've fixed all sorts of these switches, including riveting stuff in as appropriate.  I have replaced a number of contact boards, but it requires the two rivets and the means to set them to put a new contact board on.

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