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I recently acquired a Lionel 1033 90-watt transformer. It's been serviced, has a new power cord, and is in very good condition. While I will use it with some of my conventional trains, was also curious if it's safe to use with modern LCT, PS-2 equipped trains?

Any thoughts or advice are welcome. Smile Thanks.
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J White,

A legitimate question, but I've had no problem so far (granted, it's only been a week or so) on my small to medium-sized tinplate layout. The other thing I should add is I'll probably not use the 1033 exclusively. I have a Z-1000 that, as expected, is an excellent transformer.

Part of the reason I picked up a 1033 was the nostalgia/appearance factor. Something about a vintage tranformer with tinplate! Wink
Originally posted by mike w:
I don't have any tinplate but do read this forum. I run 1033s with both modern Lionel and MTH with PS2. I have never had a single problem with either make although the extra trip protection is probably a good idea.

Thanks, Mike.

What's interesting is since I first posted this I've discovered that MTH lists the Lionel 1033 as an "acceptable" transformer for use with their tinplate locos. It's right there in the back of the "manual" that comes with the product. You know, the one I looked at once and then stashed away. Big Grin

Also sort of ironic that the Lionel CW-80, a modern transformer, isn't on the list but the 1033 from 60+ years ago will do. Eek

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