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Vegas Trains,

Isn't it amazing? You did not have to search very long or very far . Another reason why this is the finest O-Gauge forum on the internet . I forgot to mention Std. Gauge, also.....Whoops!


God Bless,


He did ask for the one with the 115 station which is the 129. The 129B is larger.

Lionel made the 129 about 10 years ago. They come up on E-Bay. It was made in both early and late colors. The pre-war ones are still out there. E-Bay has one with the station with the red roof. 


The station Lioneltin is showing is a 129.

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Originally Posted by VegasTrains:

I have the Lionel #1115 train station, I assume the 115 terrace is the match. (?)

Yes, the key is the indent where the station sits. The 129 has the smaller indent which will take the 115 (1115) and 124,125 ans 126 stations. I think both early and late colors go well together, but that's a matter of personal taste.



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