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Originally Posted by KOOLjock1:

It makes perfect sense, unless you're at the aged end of the train-buying demographic.  The center of the "hobbyist" demo has moved from those that grew up with The Lionel Corporation to those who were raised on Lionel/MPC/Fundimentions.


I turn 51 next month, and every catalog that came out in my formative years had that type-face.



Nostalgia is a potent emotion that Lionel applies quite effectively. However, I find this graphic confused and dated. The use of a 45-year old logo from a period of production that many would argue was less than shining, braced with a font ("Brush") that was designed in 1942 suggesting that their young, toped with the classic "L", a watered down version of their current logo, doesn't instill thoughts of a bright future. It's a mixed message. Mike got it right, it's clipart. The thing looks like a ransom note.

With me it wasn't a matter of like or not like.  I loved the General Mills era and still do.  From a current Lionel branding standpoint I just find it odd.  Its like Cadillac going to the effort of currently redesigning their logo...and then using the old logo on the back of instruction manuals in new cars.  In these days...with gotta have a clear image.

I actually like the Banner, and I am Glad I collect/operate Lionel Trains. I have been buying Lionel Trains since the late 1940's through today. So much has changed, so many Likes/Dislikes, however, Lionel Lives On, for that I am so Thankful. Let's all have fun with Lionel Trains. Happy Railroading. (The New Catalog is Beautiful, 2015 Signature Edition)

I don't dislike or like the logo, but I think I understand their attempt at "little of this and a little of that era" mixture to the design.


Maybe Lionel is saving it's best design offering for their 125th anniversary, or we missed the "true" collector's angle to #115 which is really a factory defect: 1900 to 2015 is 116 years.

Nothing wrong about promoting this milestone and I am OK with the logo selected. Why not take advantage of a long history in the business and capitalize on this when you can.


Probably all of the products related to the 115th Anniversary will sell well, including the silver plated Berkshire.

Originally Posted by SantaFeJim:
Originally Posted by Keystone:

 1900 to 2015 is 116 years.


WRONG.  It is 115.


Even without hindsight, it's pointless to respond to you who appoints oneself as the definitive authority on everything and displays it with such subtle style and class.  Good job and well done.

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