5CF874F0-F368-4D8A-A764-99B01FFA8F3171AAFDDD-449E-4BAF-A1C4-9B7AC3F6BEF61391ADE7-314B-4E1E-B45E-581C98E9370010E605FC-5284-4FE1-B337-DAE5E69494A6946DEEB6-087B-4B4F-B1B3-82F564F1902FAAA66125-F944-4299-A95E-A497647F3E42357599B3-FF34-4380-8CCA-2C20C5F00F409D1BD97B-3EC0-49C0-862A-6201FE0C2EF5This was a dream project for me but my interests have changed so im putting it up for sale.

Lionel Lackawanna 4-8-4 with tender 18003. Mighty sound of steam and whistle work. New motor bushings and brushes. New smoke cam. Repacked smoke unit works well. Led headlight. Cab backhead from a later northern pacific run of the model. Flickering fire in backhead with led. Runs nice and smooth with typical pullmor growl.

Tender trucks painted dark gray along with rear tender ladder.  

Box included but bit marked up.

Also have the Lionel lackawanna woodside caboose with box. Not upgraded.

$220 shipped for engine, tender and matching caboose anywhere in the USA.


UPDATE: price now $200 for loco tender and caboose shipping included anywhere in usa!

Great USA made heavy metal!



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