I have a 6-18001 RI , I am hoping to purchase a Lionel 6-18009 on eBay. I have heard both of these locos have Nylon/Plastic gears. Where should I go to find brass/metal replacement gears? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Yours in railroading. Howie

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Hello Howie

the lionel 18001 Rock Island 4-8-4 "Northern" came with brass gear but the boiler casting is rough. I had one of those back in 1987.  It is a poor runner if you are aware of that but can be repaired.  It has the same chassis as a old 736.  I am not sure of the 18009 Mohawk as I never taken one apart.


Send an email to Lionel - they just created new brass gears or look at the Niagara thread I started last December. Lots of answers on where to get gears - try Gunrunner John - he's very knowledgeable on them.


UPDATE 5/25/16 WITH VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!! Niagara gears and drive shaft


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Jim is correct, I had one of these, replaced the bushings and put spacer washers between the driven gear so that it stayed properly located. I wasn't super happy with the performance of it, but I was able to improve it enough to make the customer happy. Not one of my fun repairs, but I made it work. 



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