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Hey, these boards should clean right up shouldn't they? LMAO

Kidding of course, but for fun I may try some tuner cleaner and try to dry them out .  Any tips for safely check for life of the boards them selves?  There was no battery in it and there has not been a power up attempt since being flooded. and no battery was in it.



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My daughter sent me links to this sale on both Craigslist and EBAY a week or two ago. I passed but would love to see you get it going.

I guess the first thing I would do is soak all moving parts (including the motor) in WD40, and clean all of the electronics with tuner cleaner. Remove and clean the chips as noted above.

Then, if all mechanicals are free moving, wipe off the WD40, reassemble, say a prayer, and try it out.

Please keep us updated with your progress - good luck.

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Not too worried about the loco and tender, Got the tender completely apart and yes the trucks will clean up pretty good, the frame will too.  Just a little pitting on the top radius of the tender shell, sides seem to be decent, so likely will not look too fugly.  When I showed interest, they guy jumped straight to I'll ship it  too for $100 total, so I said what the heck.  Kinda thinking I will respray it in the Dark  prewar Gunmetal Gray.  I also have an un-flooded Grey 785 I would like to respray real GM as well lol.



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