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it’s going to drive the collectibles series that Lionel created into a price depression. The parts might become worth more then selling the engine.

I upgraded a few of the early gp’s. Are you saying these didn’t take the standard rs

upgrade being offered at the time? Opps - Just got it - the pub motherboard had no allocation for both rs board and rs power supply? Weird.

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@Windy City posted:

What parts are needed to add command and railsounds to this engine.  Are the parts available?

Remember that the electronics configuration in this loco (and its twin, the 6-52197) is unique.

The TMCC upgrade portion is straightforward -- remove the modular 104E reverse unit and install an R2LC.

But the sounds weren't designed to be upgradeable, with the one-piece SignalSounds board in there now. Adding RailSounds can certainly be done (RailSounds 2.5 system or a new motherboard and modular RS3/RS4 boards) but it's more involved than simply adding the two boards from the upgrade kit.


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RailSounds 2 boards do work with TMCC, but two of the six versions have PICs that won't recognize the commands. You really don't want to use these -- they're really big, and all the connections are hard-wired, which makes them a pain to work with.

RailSounds 2.5 boards are also TMCC compatible, and I can only think of one PIC (from a RailSounds Christmas sound car) that doesn't recognize TMCC commands. These have all the usual Leoco/JST-EH connectors, are smaller in size, and much easier to work with. Most of the TMCC-equipped Geeps in the mid-1990s came with these boards before graduating to the modular RailSounds 3/4 system in 1998.


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