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I believe the Pennsy cars came in the same time the engines showed up around Oct 2020.  I got the Northern Central ones the same time I received my York #17 4-4-0.  I'm also aware of some folks that bought the UP & CP that they got the passenger cars at the same time.

You might have missed them, could be tough find.  BTO items which only work with the special run of 4-4-0.

Best of luck in your hunt.


I find it really surprising that there are so many more copies of the locomotives than there are of the passenger coaches.  Not only will the engines only pull the coaches (and vice-versa) they are also more or less a single electrical unit because the sounds for the engines are in the coaches.  I can understand that one or two persons might have bought just the engines for display (expensive display at that price point) but to this day, I can still find some places that sell the locos (at least one of them, I found in less than three minutes), but the cars have been nowhere to be seen since last October.

This strikes me as separate from the well-known problem that Lionel didn't make enough of the Woodford or Woodruff cars (the Pullman-alternatives) to satisfy all pre-orders (I can't imagine how that happened).

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