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Bought the Berk on a whim, doesn't really fit in and same with the UK class 08 diesel ride on scale locomotive.   The Berk has had its shell professionally restored, has the high stack/gold seal motor with red brush cap.  Runs well, no tender.   The class 08 "Gronk" diesel shunter is a Blackgates Engineering model from the UK, 5" gauge, 4 motors geared to all 3 axles, battery powered, 4qd control system. Just needs 2 new 12v agm sealed batteries.   Looking for stuff from ETS in O scale, Bassett-Lowke both newer and vintage, the nicer Hornby O tinplate O gauge like the special #2 4-4-0's in electric, ACE Trains and Darstaed UK tinplate.   What do you have?    72617262class08



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