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     I have a very noisy 1946 726 and I would like to change the motor bearings. It was an Ebay find in great shape but I can only assume that it was ran dry and ruined the rear bearing. The motor is noisy by itself even after multiple oilings. So my question is how do I pull the idler gear on the end of the armature so I can remove the armature? Is there a method or is it just pressed on to the shaft. Thanks! Bob

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 You will probably have to use a Dremel tool or some sort of similar tool and cut the gear off and then at a later date replace it. Jeff Kane at TrainTender has those gears and they are not very expensive.  I have a heavy duty Delta floor drill and  I use that as a press to replace idler gears and worn out pinion gears. 


I  would suggest you have a replacement gear in hand before you cut that pinion off. I do not think it is a very common gear. Dennis Waldron might have one. The pinion is 726-29. There have been several threads on this forum about gear and pinion pullers. Use the search function to find them. They were full of interesting information.   If the original pinion does not go back on the shaft tight, you can use Loctite 640 to hold it in place.   The bearings for that motor, 2020M-16 and 2020M-17, are also fairly scarce. Make sure you get an original oilite bearing and not a reproduction turned out of 360 brass. Lionel thought that the oilite material would make the motor maintenance free, but it did not work out that way. Putting in a bearing that is mostly zinc with no way to oil it would be a disaster.  

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