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Hey Guys,

I have a Post War Scout, that runs well, but really sucks up electricity.   And, of course, it runs really loud.  And geez, the Sparks fly!

Did Lionel make any Steam Locos in the early 1970s, that are very well built, with nice detail, well painted, and run on less electricity?   I am especially interested in smaller Locos, in 027 size, or just a bit bigger.  (My track is 031, but huge engines make my layout look too small.)  Plastic bodies are fine.   Hopefully, no big ugly molding seams on it.



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The Blue Comet is an utterly fantastic looking Engine, but it seems as if it has reached almost a Cult status.   Very expensive to me.

It seems to me, based on my research, that the good Engines made in the 70s era were called the MPC engines.

So perhaps, something more pedestrian, like the 8101 Hudson, Red, (though made in 81).  I would disable the chuffing sound, since on video, it sounds like a two year old banging on a pie tin with a spoon.

Or, perhaps the 8702 Engine, Green.

Any particular comments by folks on the quality and reliability of the 8101 and 8702?   

Are these MPC engines electricity hogs, like the earlier Post Wars?  (They look pretty big.)

Thanks for all comments and recommendations.


MPC locomotives were basically the continuation of Postwar, including the large so-called "Pul-Mor" motor.  The MPC motors may be slightly more efficient due to the use of more modern materials vs. the 1950's, but will still draw more than a can motor with electronic reverse.

SPSF's suggestion is a good one: seek out Williams/Bachman reproduction locomotives.


Thanks for all of the suggestions.   No can motors for me though.

I have a Lionel Diesel, with a Pul- Mor, and it runs very smoothly, makes no noise, and never sparks.   Maybe it draws the same electricity as my 1957 era Scout engine, but it doesn't seem like it, and it never throws sparks.  So a Pul-Mor motor would be fine.

An engine in the $90 to $100 range would be OK, and I really don't want a tender with it.  All I would really like it to have is smoke and a headlight. 

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