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SOLD PENDING PAYMENT; THANKS.  When Fundimensions re-introduced the Lionel F-3 in the early 1970s, it started with a Service Station Special featuring the iconic Canadian Pacific F3, with five freight cars. I have a new set available for break-up.

The engines (8365/8366) have a beautiful sheen and original boxes, with some wear. They are mint with no run time. Price is $225 plus shipping.

The freight cars, I believe, have never been out of their boxes, all of which are in very nice shape (but see damage to hopper box). Price is only $75 (just $15 a car!), plus shipping.

And if you want the full set, price is only $249! I will include the set box for free or not if you'd rather spare the additional shipping cost of the large set box.




Paypal is fastest (at these prices, I ask the buyer to pay any fee), but money orders or checks are fine. You can reach me at Thanks for looking.

Chris Dunn


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