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1 recently purchase a Lionel 2020 turbine engine and the e unit was not working . I rebuilt e unit and it was functioning. This type is  with no lever . I remounted the e unit and attached all the wires as described in repair manual. The engines  operates in forward only and the e unit operates but the engines stops and a only goes forward. I flip wires just as a test and no results. Any help would be appreciated... Thanks

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Is the eunit pawl shaft spring installed? That gives the horizontally mounted eunits enough oomph to get the pawl assembly back out of the solenoid instead of just using gravity.

If that's there, make sure the drum is turning each time the eunit is activated.  It happens fast so maybe put a sharpie dot on the drum to reference the turning.

I can't tell from the photos but it is possible that you installed the drum in backwards.  Unfortunately this is easy to do and it will cause the engine to run in only one direction.  I did it once and my Berkshire only ran forward.  I reversed the position of the drum and the thing cycled perfectly.  Might be worth checking out.

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If that were mine, I'd replace the drum. The pivot looks worn.  But before I would dive into it, I'd also check to see that the fingers were making good contact.  Next, maybe block the engine up so you can power it up without it shooting across the bench. Power it up, and cycle it to where you think it should be in reverse (if it won't reverse on it's own) . Take a toothpick and gently put some downward pressure on the drum to see if the connection comes back. If it does, replace the drum. JMHO.

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...what does that mean when you say a "motor/driveline issue???

That means the reverse unit is probably wired correctly and the problem is with the motor/gears/worms/axles/rods. You could start by testing the motor while it is off the chassis - leave all wires connected, use an alligator clip lead to connect the motor frame to chassis/ground.

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