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I'd be excited to see a PRR T1 or SP Cab Forward in Lionmaster, especially with whistle steam and Legacy (or at least the momentum function - not sure if that's available in the newest iteration of LC).  I think the cab forward in the fantasy Daylight scheme looked really good when MTH did it in RailKing.

Thinking more outside the proverbial switching yard, I would love to see Lionel offer more foreign railroads or expand into narrow gauge railroads.  The Mallard or the Flying Scotsman with Legacy and whistle steam and all the new smoke effects would be amazing.  I've been looking for years for that beautiful Bavarian steam engine in blue that MTH did about a decade ago but it's very hard to find on the secondary market.

@Dave_C posted:

 A NYC woodsided caboose with more scale proportioned separately applied details . The ones in the last catalog are still using the same car from the mid 80’s. Time to re tool or offer ones done in brass.

The most accurate one Lionel ever did was the 717, only got the trucks wrong. If you got the diecast 1991 remake of the pre war caboose and put the plastic caboose trucks on it moved inboard you would be pretty close. MTH versions have pretty good detail with just the wrong trucks.

You have the skills Dave. You should find a Mullet River and build it. By far the most accurate 19000 caboose done yet including the brass ones.


I need more Lionel scale rolling stock like I need a hole in the head, but I’m still hoping for some more Friendship Train offerings. 

Seems like the leaks are late this go around.....

there might be a printed catalog shortage because of the situation right now heck it might just all be online this year although i'm hoping to get a printed copy after the online version comes so i can sneak it to school. don't worry i don't read it during class but if i studied my school work like i studied the catalog i would have a 4.0 GPA

1970-1990 era TRAILER TRAIN 89' flat cars with auto racks

Burlington Northern auto rack on a TRAILER TRAIN flat car

Soo Line auto rack on a TRAILER TRAIN flat car

Rio Grande DRGW orange auto rack with white interior, on a TRAILER TRAIN FLAT CAR

Chicago & North Western "Safety Yellow" auto rack with white corrugated panels on a TRAILER TRAIN flat car


I am hoping that the O scale FMC or PC&F type exterior-braced 50' double-door boxcars based on box cars built in the 1970's and 1980's would be able to be produced again, this time with roller bearing trucks. 

Western Pacific feather in square 1980

WESTERN PACIFIC early 1970's


McCloud River Railroad 

Denver & Rio Grande Western woodpacker 

Seattle & North Coast had similar boxcars



Falcon Service

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