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Just opened up my birthday present to find 2 new Lionel 2021 green Alco FA diesels 6-83427.Look great and was  happy till i put them on the track.The front couplers rub on the lower valance on the front of the engines.This causes derailments going around corners. Another thing is they seem to rub underneath when going over 022 switches.Does any one now of modifications or should i send these things back. 

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   I'd look to see if the coupler mounting portion of the truck needs tweaking. It really shouldn't rub the valance unless the track work is just plain awful. Neither should the turnouts make a difference on rubbing. 

  Since you run 0-27 you should keep in mind Lionel hasn't worried about that  diameter in quite some time. If it works on it your lucky. But binding side to side or couplers hitting steps is the usual issue. An unusual but possible issue would be rollers falling off the tighter diameter center rail (rollers, like a pilot, have an overhang too). Some O rollers can fall off 0-27 curves. I own two PW diesel switchers that do it. I limit the roller drop with a zip tie; this allows them to jump back on as two never seem to leave that rail at once.  I wonder if this is upsetting the Alcohol* trucks in a similar way too. They used to be very similar if I recall right. (Haven't actually owned an FA in many decades though, let alone one with  6-xxx prefix.)

  Despite rubber tires working well, I'm a magnetraction fan if for nothing else because it wont have a thrown tire to find and replace. I noticed that in the features listed itihas magnetraction. So I'd be reluctant to let it go unless there was exchange available. I'd look hard for the exact issue and address it myself if possible.

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