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I'm gonna keep it small this time around, since much of what I want has been made already, including by Lionel.

  • B36-7's with LEGACY, kinematic pilots, Kadee mounts, and road specific details
  • GE Arrow 3 Rail Commuter Cars with LEGACY, kinematic pilots, Kadee mounts, and road specific details (specifically the NJ Transit cars)
  • Scale road-railers (maybe use the Weaver Models tooling?)

Id like to see some Illinois Central (Panama Limited or City of New Orleans) decorated 21 inch cars to complement the E6 engines from two years ago. Kind of like Ron above, the engines have been made, but not the cars to pull behind them. Same is true for many of the Sunset 3rd Rail E6's from a few years ago. Lots of great E6 liveries, but unless you are running Sant Fe or a few selected others, we have no RTR passenger cars for many of the engines produced.


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-Reading Car # 15 (either clerestory or balloon roof) to match the recent Reading passenger cars

-Rutland "Route of the Whippet" caboose, in boxcar red/brown, using the tooling of the recent NYC video cabooses (doesn't even need the video component)

-Upgrade kit to convert older Lionchief/Lionchief Plus locomotives to give the ability to run these engines with Legacy.

Great ideas everyone, how about offering some 0-4-0 Steamers with slope back tenders scale switcher, in several road names,  like the older post war/prewar 1656/1615 models. I’d like it to have a smoking whistle and the normal Legacy dynamics. I’ve wanted one of these for years. I would like it wired from the tender track pick ups through the locomotive track pick ups so it would run through all turnouts. It could be a brass hybrid model, just a cool feature rich little Shifter Steamer. Thanks for listening. Merry Christmas Everyone.

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