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HI, First post.   I just found out that Lionel cancelled my order of the 2023020 Shark Research & Rescue GP38 LionChief Set.  I don't order too many items, but when I do, it always takes at least a year to get my product, or they do not inform me that it is cancelled.  Now I need to cancel the aquarium car that comes with the set (evidently they did not cancel this item).  Big disappointment, it was going to be donated to our club (HTOS) in Houston, TX.  Y'all stay safe.

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They have apparently cancelled the whole production run. So they didn't single you out and cancel your order. And the reasons could be anything from lack of enough total orders (the typical reason) to a production problem.

Personally I wondered why they decided to place a large shark fin in place of the usual brakeman figure on the operating box car. Those brakeman figures are pretty lightweight and there is some obvious clearance space between the bottom of that figure and the slit opening in the roof of the box car. Not sure how well that shark fin and bubble stream would have worked. But who knows what the real issue was.

BUT I do agree it would be courteous of Lionel to have some sort of product cancellation link on their website. It might not do away with the disappointment, but at least you would know, without have to wait for the anticipated ship date to find out.

You cannot always rely on their shipping schedule for this information, as we have read here many times. Sometimes a product just disappears from that list, but is still in the production pipeline. But how would anyone know? Once in a great while, one of the larger dealers will post a list of product cancellations here on the forum.

EDIT: Upon reading Jake's comment above, I googled the set. Easier to do that than use the search function here. Drum roll please....

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There has been a few other 2020 items canceled as well. Fairly certain the extra pass car for the Witherslack Hall set has been canceled, there may be 1 or 2 other items I'm missing.  I'll double check. Lionel really needs to provide this info on their website.

2017010 AF New York Central Docksider BT Set
2023160 Baldwin Locomotive Works LionChief Set with Bluetooth
2029020 Bluetooth PEP Bandstand Speaker
2032100 Chesapeake & Ohio #1601 LionMaster Allegheny LC2.0 Steam
2032110 Chesapeake & Ohio #1607 LionMaster Allegheny LC2.0 Steam
2032120 Chesapeake & Ohio #1611 LionMaster Allegheny LC2.0 Steam
2032130 Virginian #906 LionMaster Allegheny LC2.0 Steam
2029170 Halloween PEP Freight Station
2030250 Halloween Signs 5-Pack
2030270 Santa Elves Houses 3-pack (Station)
2023090 Witherslack Hall 4-6-0 LionChief Set with Bluetooth

Update: Mr Muffins Trains website has the cancelled items listed here:


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