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I have to agree with all of the comments.  After waiting for more than a year, my flat spot boxcar finally came.  The car makes lots of noise but the flat spot sound is lost in the cacophony.  In the MIN mode it does sound like chuffing, rather than a flat spot.  Whoever mixes the sounds at Lionel screwed this up.  Probably the same guy who who put the 244 engine sounds in the S-2 instead of the 539T - another sound disappointment.

Now this is funny.

I like these cars and considered getting one. However, I too think Lionel missed the mark with the flat spot sound.

So I have a programmable door that plays steam engine sounds when it goes off. My dog always goes nuts when she hears the doorbell. Well, I was listening to one of the videos in this thread that was playing the flat spot sounds. My dog hears it and gets up barking thinking the doorbell went off. So, my dog Loco agrees the flat spot recording does sound like a steam engine. 😁

@Big Jim posted:

The "Freight Sounds" are very good! The "Flat Spot" has to go, it still sounds like a steam engine!

That's what it sounds like to me, too. You start looking for a distributed power steam engine in the consist!

If you had a steam engine without sounds, you could put the sound car at the end of the train with the steam engine pushing, and it would probably work out fine. 

You are correct D. The cars audio pot must be adjusted to your train operation and room. I  have adjusted it just under the diesel sounds and other sound cars in a carpeted room .  Best to have it at the end of a train. With 7 trains running at once, it will probably blend in even more. The car was also intended for scale operators.

I just got two of the flat spot cars today.  I had to play around with the volume to get the right effect when running in a train.  When I was just pushing it around it sounded terrible.  When I put it in a train the sound of the wheels drowns a lot of the noise out.  I adjusted the volume to a level that the sounds can be heard as the car passes, but get lost as it traverses the layout.  Here is a short video I just made.  The Santa Fe and Union Pacific boxcars have the flat spot sounds.  There are also a couple of other sound cars dispersed throughout the train.  Overall, I think these cars add a lot to the aural aspect of the hobby.



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