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I don't have a 2055 handy to look at.  On some of the 6-wheel parallel-plate motors, there's a small self-tapping screw in the side that holds the E-unit to the side plate of the motor.  Also, there are wires soldered to the E-unit from the roller pick-ups, etc., which may not have a ton of slack.

If you've already removed that screw and there's any slack in the wires, you might just have to give the E-unit a firm tug.  It's a pretty snug fit.  Good luck!

Aside from the one screw there should be nothing else holding that in. Unless somebody added a second screw, but that not likely. The screw should be on the brush side of the motor.

If you're trying to pull it straight up maybe try to shove it back a bit and then try to wiggle it up and out. Don't be afraid to carefully put a screwdriver in there between solid points and try to use it for leverage being careful not to pinch any wires or break anything.

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I recently removed the E-unit from the Lionel 2065 baby Hudson which is the sister engine of the 2055.  The 2065  has the feed water heater.  Other than that they are exactly the same engine.  I had to do quite a lot of wiggling to finally remove the unit but eventually it did slide out.  Sometimes the wires at the bottom of the unit get pinched in between the E-unit and its frame making it a little difficult to remove but it can be done and there is nothing else holding that unit in place other than the than that one side screw.  Be patient with it and keep on wiggling.  Good luck.

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