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Well finally found one without breaking the bank and paying those crazy prices on E Bay!! Had one in my hand at Pat's trains back when it was first released at $1300.00 and did not buy it. That was my biggest regret in my 45 yrs. of collecting trains!! As most of us know, this engine was a huge success for Lionel sold extremely well, with the price increasing very quickly. Now, just have to get it on the layout.  Thanks to those who helped me locate this engine!!


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Thanks again guys & gals. BillYo414 Red is also my favorite color as well. I also have an industrial themed layout that this engine would not really fit in to, but the colors are awesome IMO. I have lots of prototypical & fantasy roads, I have always tended to buy why strikes my fancy!! Yes, gunrunnerjohn some of the asking prices are insane, look at the scale Polar Express Berkshire, some of the UP Bigboy's just to name a few.

Surprised that the Big Boy continues to command higher prices - how many have been produced in 3 rail O in the last 20+ years?  Seems like 'overload' but I've never been a fan, much preferring the N&W Class A aesthetically to most of the other articulateds. Some of them appear 'top heavy' while the A looks 'hunkered down' for the job!  LolDSC01884


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@jjames9641 yessir. I'll never leave Youngstown as long as I can help it haha I was surprised to find out we had EM-1. Those are also on my wish list. I have heard talk of EM-1s (and H-8 Alleghenies) beating out the Big Boy but people get pretty emotional about that kind of statement Truthfully, I was asked by numerous non-model railroaders if I had a Big Boy and that was a major reason I got one. The other is just because they're cool and I like them. But a lot of people know it in general so I figure it's a good ambassador for the hobby because people know it when they see it if they're checking out the layout.

@c.sam I know what you mean by the hunkered down look. I think it looks cool too, as opposed to be upright and tall.

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