I have completed refurbishment of this set and I realize how lucky I was to get a basic, under used set, with no battery damage or even use.  The engine shells are like new.  The only parts on the engines that are replacements are the port holes and one side ladder.  Even all the hardware and screws are proper and original. The four cars and caboose are all original and also cleaned up remarkably well.  I have a great 30 sec. video but am unable to load it for some reason.  I apologize for that.  Now my decision to keep it or sell it looms, while I have all the component boxes I do not have a set box.  




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Looks like Santa had too much "treated" eggnog and passed out on the roof. But the train looks pretty special. I think I'd keep it. It would be hard to again find something like this, complete with boxes,  anytime soon.  Lots of nostalgia packed into that set. 

Dave: I think you need to keep it that was a great find and great job cleaning it up. Want to do my set ABA they need the same TLT. Opened up the power unit and the E Unit came off the mount fixed that and it runs pretty good but need to clean and lube it. 


PRRT&HS #8473

N&W HS  #5825

State College, PA

"And the sons of Pullman Porters, and the sons of Engineers

   Ride their father's magic carpet made of steel"

    "This train got the disappearing railroad blues"


Pennsydave, Wow, that’s a great find, beautiful set, and although I like the newer command sets, that’s a jewel of a set, I really like it. I would like to find a like new Postwar New York Central F3 AA set someday. I need a great conventional twin pulmor motored set to run on my layout. Thanks for posting your pictures here on the forum. Happy Railroading 

PENNSYDAVE, I’m still drooling over your great find, it’s awesome. I also like your Christmas Tree, and really neat Layout. Happy New Year, Enjoy each moment. I have the Century Club NYC, ABA and it’s nice but there’s just something special about an original set in that kind of condition. 


You'd be surprised at the number of both #2344's and #2354's New York Centrals that come in to my shop for professional restoration. Most of them being in condition varying somewhere from "awful" to "horrid".

And most of 'em have battery damage.

While some collectors may argue that NYC F-3s are not rare, the fact remains that an F-3 AA set as pristine - and all original- as YOURS, is extraordinarily rare...

Congratulations on your new acquisition, and enjoy it in good health!

-Len Carparelli

I would say keep it!  My 1952 A-B-A NYC F-3's are the best operating engines I have.  They pull most anything, run smooth, keep a steady speed and can throttle down to realistic speeds. I had the "B" unit for almost 20 years before I found the AA units that matched the condition I wanted, were good operators, and I could afford.  I think if you let it go you will regret it.  RUN IT! that's my advice


If it were yours as a child or has sentimental value, I would keep it.

Judging from the auction catalogs of recent years, it would not be hard to replace and the values keep going down.

If I could get a good price, I would sell it and buy it back later with a set box for half the price. 

It's not being cynical, it's just reality.

I have 3 sets of about 20 pieces (none are rare or have boxes) of trains that are sentimental and I've never offered for sale.  I've been selling all the rest of my boxed postwar as fast as I can.

If you liked it enough to buy it in the first place and then found it to be in exceptional condition and cleaned it up, why part with it now? If you sell it, with what would you replace it at the selling price? For me, whether it's rare or not doesn't even enter into the picture. If I like it, I keep it. Just my opinion...


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